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Company Profile

Aston has a pool of engineers available to conduct on-site work for fixed and rotary wing aircraft military and commercial work.

In cooperation with major companies, Aston Aviation also offers services for spares/repair/overhaul for military aircrafts.
Also offers the following capabilities:


WestLand/Sikorsky S61 SEA KING

  • Main Rotor Head Assembly
    • No 1 & 2 Oil Pumps
    • Sleeve Spindle Assemblies
    • Scissor Assembly Stationary
    • Swash Plate Assembly
    • Input Drive Shaft
  • Intermediate Gearbox
  • Tail Rotor Gearbox
  • Tail Rotor Hub Assembly
  • Drive Shaft Sections

Sikorsky S70 BLACKHAWK

  • Main Rotor Spindle Assembly
  • Engine Output Shaft
  • Tail Rotor Drive Shafts


Northrop F-5 and J-85 Engine Support

Aston Aviation in partnership with our American principal can provide newly manufactured parts for the Northrop F-5 and J-85 series of engines.

Cowl Combustor

Sump Cover


Nozzle Support
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